Chapter 7

A chapter 7 bankruptcy is an asset liquidation bankruptcy.  While this may sound scary, most chapter 7 clients are able to keep all of their assets and still have their debts discharged.  Nevada has a relatively generous set of exemptions that protect most of an individual's assests from liquidation.  Only assets considered non-exempt are turned over to the bankruptcy trustee, who then converts the assets to cash and distributes the cash to creditors.  When the process is over, generally in less than 4 months, all remaining dischargeable debts are discharged, allowing the debtor to begin building a better financial future without the heavy debt burden.

Pricing: How much will it cost?

Because we believe in straightforward, value-based services, we file Chapter 7 Bankruptcies for an all inclusive flat rate. No matter how much debt you have, whether you're over the median income, or dealing with garnishments or home foreclosure concerns, there are no surprise fees or hidden charges.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy:

  • Individual Chapter 7 Filing: $1195.00 (Attorney fees are $699; Court filing fee is $335)
  • Joint Chapter 7 Filing: $1395.00

Our flat rate includes all the elements of 90% of the Chapter 7 Cases that come through our office:

  1. Running a credit report
  2. Mandatory Credit Counseling and Financial Mangement Classes
  3. Court Filing Fees
  4. Trustee Document Services
  5. Petition Preparation
  6. Creditor Coorespondence
  7. Stopping Garnishments and Foreclosures
  8. Attorney's Fees

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